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Make a Pokémon file of sixth generation

And inject it with PKSM.
Works with X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

From Smogon to the 3DS


Paste here:



  • Copy a set from Smogon or
  • Come back here, paste and Submit


  • Insert your SD inside your computer or
Copy the file here


  • Open PKSM
  • Open the game, Scripts, press Y
  • Down, down, injector.c


  • Open Editor, press A twice on a Pokémon
  • Press Y twice, touch L in the bottom left corner

Thanks to

  • Kaphotics and projectpokemon for the hex guide
  • projectpokemon for PKHeX for the quick checks and the legality plugin I used to make legendary Pokémon work
  • PKSM for making it possibile to inject


[IV] Note
Please add the prompted IVs manually
Note 2
Making this pokemon shiny or changing its OT will break its legality
Note 3
This combination will never be legal. Why?

Bottom Notes


This took a very long time to code. I had to input every exception manually, mainly because the PKSM legalizing system sucks compared to PKHEX's.
Now, PSS' PK6 generator should work 99% of the time, but since you'd still have to manually check every single Pokemon's legality inside PKSM, the honest thing to do would be to redirect you to PKHEX + the legality checker plugin.
So, here you go:
PKHeX (Download this file)
Plugins (almsetup_stable.exe)

PKHeX Instructions

  • Extract PKHeX.exe & almsetup_stable.exe in the same folder
  • Run almsetup_stable.exe
  • Options > Settings > Blank Save Version: X/Y
  • Make sure the sub-menu Tools > Auto-Legality Mod is present
  • Copy any smogon set
  • Ctrl + I (or Tools > Auto-Legality Mod > Import with Auto-Legality Mod)
  • Ctrl + S (or File > Save PKM)
Alternatively you Ctrl + O to open any .pk6 file and legalize it with Tools > Auto-Legality Mod > Legalize Active Pokémon.