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Pokémon Sprites Search

Search Pokémon's animated 3D sprites quickly, from Nintendo's XY, ORAS (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire), Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sword and Shield and Pokémon Legends: Arceus!

Search for the Pokémon's animated sprites, the ones in 3D. The files are .gif otherwise the wouldn't be animated. I've stolen them, without committing any a crime, by Nintendo's Pokémon games which are very beautiful. Actually, I've stolen them from another site; use this website indeed because the graphics of itself are nicer. Do you need to incorporate these sprites in any forum? In order to create a market? To show your favorite shiny forms? I think for anything. Just paste, edit and do whatever you want with them. Have fun, maybe just doing some harmless research. The site should be optimized for every device, thanks to the recent implementations of Nintendo, which every year contributes to our amount of Pokémon with the modest sum of 20 Pokédollar on our IBAN account. We are non-profit but in the privacy page you will find an ad, offered by Altervista, that after 3 years of service still doesn't allow us to activate Google AdWords. I'm writing this text go appear higher in search results on Google, because you know that the more you write and the more you come up. I also have to be careful to insert words tactics, such as Central Wiki from which I was banned. doduoThere, I could have advertise this webpage, now I have to write this ridiculous text about Pokémon, including keywords like ruby gba or omega. By the way, have you tried Pokémon Shuffle? For me it sucks, it couldn't have been worse than this. They just lowered the target to 10 years and luckily (as they said) there were a lot of 15 year old huys playing. As in Pokémon Rumble the was no sprite, only an unnecessary spinn-off. Serebii as always has not animated sprites, graphically pkparaiso is unwatchable and once in B/W I found a shiny Kyurem.

Please note that to see the mega-forms, you must first search the original name of the Pokémon and then on the results page just click on "Megaevolution".
Good searches, and thank you professor Oak!